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Creating a Go To Market Strategy

Creating a Go To Market Strategy

In this session, Christy Johnson and Kia Davis will cover the essentials of a winning to-to-market strategy, and highlight the questions to ask on building the best one. The go-to-market is a rite of passage for any entrepreneur who’s spent months or years creating their business, and who now is ready for launch. Generating early buzz, feeding into demand, and gaining valuable feedback are all critical to the long-term health of the company. A great GTM strategy highlights how a company will: Solve a problem big enough for target customers Find initial customers that can trigger rapid growth while giving valuable feedback Select partners who will amplify growth and stay motivated Choose a market that can provide enough growth to deliver on targets (TAM, SAM, SOM) Craft customer messaging that stimulates action Entrepreneurs will learn critical elements of a great go-to-market strategy. Angel investors will get a peek behind the curtain to see what questions to ask and what signals an impressive market debut. About Christy Johnson, CEO, Artemis Connection An entrepreneur for over 8 years, Christy started Artemis Connection to provide herself a flexible way to advise leaders, and how has grown the company into a 75-person boutique strategy consulting firm. Artemis Connection now helps leaders achieve their vision through growth plans, acquisitions, market sizing and go-to-market strategies. On the talent side, Artemis Connection is a learning lab for amazing people who want to work hard and have a life outside of work. Committed to human sustainability, Christy was the National Teacher of the Year for Junior Achievement. She holds a BA from Western, and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Master's in Education from Stanford's School of Education. Kia Davis, Principal, Artemis Connection Kia Davis is an strategist, author, researcher, and writer specialized in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential, and developing the ecosystems needed to support them. Kia has worked closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, tech companies, government agencies, and NGOs around the world. At Artemis Connection, Kia has helped portfolio companies and tech companies perform go-to-market strategies, post-merger integrations, and growth strategies. Kia holds a BA in consumer psychology from Yale University and an international MBA from Insead. lashpoint 100: Radical Business Growth in 100 Days, is a step-by step manual for small business owners who want profitable growth, fast.
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