Investing in Life Science Startups

Learn about the primary factors that differentiate life science startups from traditional tech investment opportunities

Introduction to SAFE Agreements

Learn about the the basics of SAFEs, their multiple variations, and what you should look out for to protect your investment.

How to Become an Angel Investor: Angel Investing Basics

How someone can start angel investing in early stage, startup companies, some of the tactics, company selection, strategies, and some of the pitfalls.

Financing Your Venture: Angel Investment and Venture Capital

Ian Sobieski, investor and managing director of the Band of Angels Venture Fund, highlights the benefits and specialties of angel investors, underlines the keys to finding and engaging an angel, and defines how to get the most out of your relationship with your investor after the deal is made.

How to Become an Angel Investor

Some of the basics of becoming an angel investor.

Understanding SAFEs and Priced Equity Rounds

The lowdown on several different ways to capitalize your company and how those impact founder equity and cap tables overall.