AoA Member Spotlight – Omri Bahat

With over two decades of working in the tech community, software and hardware systems, and most recently in finance, Omri is always eager to explore new paths and ideas where he can empower, nurture, build and help manage successful ventures.

1. How did you get into angel investing?3. HeadShot
I’ve been working at start-up companies since my second year of undergrad. Over the years, I had to perform many different roles in every company. While my initial focus was in technical roles, I was often pulled in to help with the business and investor-facing challenges and interactions. Having seen it done from the “inside”, I’ve been an investor since my early 20s and got into angel investing more seriously after selling a small company to Microsoft back in 2008.

2. What types of companies or missions inspire you to invest in them?
I invest in great founders. The types of missions, areas of focus and ideas are secondary for me. However, I do tend to invest in B2B enterprise software products and services, fintech, infosec / cyber security, and some consumer products.

3. Is there anything you would advise new entrepreneurs to do when they pitch their idea?
First of all – you’re the entrepreneur, i.e., the one making things happen – you rock! Keep things short, focused, and to the point. Describe the problem (what is it? how big is it?), your solution, and your advantage over the competition. Let your audience ask the questions and develop the conversation. Listen genuinely and deeply to questions and feedback, take them to heart, and iterate as needed. Never give up. Never surrender. And remember – you rock!

4. What has made the biggest difference among your successful investments?
Spending time with the entrepreneurs, getting to know who they really are, how good they are, and helping in any way I can.

5. What is something interesting and unexpected that people would be surprised to learn about you?
Honestly? I don’t think I’m very interesting. Maybe my passion for early photography in Washington State? See for some examples…

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