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Fanzo raises $550K to help sports fans find the best news, social media content

Fanzo, the Kirkland-based startup that helps sports fans keep up with the latest news, has raised another $550,000 to help fuel development of its app. Read the GeekWire article.

Centurion Medical Products Acquires Mirador Biomedical

Centurion Medical Products has recently acquired Mirador Biomedical of Seattle, Washington.

With the addition of Mirador Biomedical, Centurion continues its commitment to providing innovative products that promote more efficient procedures, better patient care, and improved financial results.

Mirador is the inventor and manufacturer of the Compass family of medical devices. Compass devices are designed to provide quantitative pressure measurements during various critical medical procedures. These innovative, inexpensive single-use electronic devices provide instant physiological feedback on an incorporated digital display. The convenience and simplicity of the devices enable doctors to quickly and conveniently assess pressures without additional cabling, connections, or assistance. Compass has numerous clinical applications: central line insertion, central venous pressure monitoring, lumbar puncture opening pressure, pleural manometry, and compartment pressure measurement. Instant physiological pressure measurements can dramatically reduce the risk of severe complications like compartment syndrome and inadvertent arterial cannulation.

Centurion Medical Products President & CEO, Tom Archipley stated, “The acquisition of Mirador gives us the opportunity to add the Compass to our long list of unique products like SorbaView SHIELD®, ECO EME-BAG™, and CVC Zone Bundles.” He continues, “It also supports the future we envisioned when we changed our name from Tri-State Hospital Supply to Centurion Medical Products. That future includes building on our 50 year history of innovation by bringing even more advanced clinical solutions to our customers. The Compass is the sort of cutting edge technology that improves outcomes and furthers that vision.”

About Centurion Medical Products
Centurion Medical Products Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells medical products for the healthcare industry. The privately-owned, family-operated business was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Williamston, Michigan.

VoloMetrix raises $12M to market ‘People Analytics’ software

Seattle startup VoloMetrix is helping large companies answer one of the most fundamental questions a business faces: How do the most effective employees spend their time? Read the Xconomy article.

3 ways to value your startup

Here are three methods that entrepreneurs can use to guide their valuation negotiations: Read the GeekWire article.

DocuSign raises $115 million from Japanese backers

DocuSign, the e-signature software company, announced that three Japanese firms – NTT Finance, Mitsui & Co. and Recruit Holdings – all made strategic investments in it as a part of a $115 million series E financing round. Read the GeekWire article.