Presentation Guidelines

AoA Invested in the Northwest

Tell Your Story Well

A successful pitch is like an engaging movie trailer – it should clearly convey the gist of your business and provoke investors to engage. Be interesting, tell a memorable story, and make heavy use of visuals. 10 – 15 slides are all that’s needed.


Declare what your company does in a single sentence.


Describe your customer’s burning pain point.


Describe your product and explain why it makes the customer’s pain go away. Use examples.

Market Size

Use both tops-down and bottoms-up.Segment and identify your sweet spot.

Business Model

Explain how you make money.State your customer acquisition cost and lifetime value.


Describe your sales distribution model.


List current customers, partners and users, as well as your pipeline.


List your competitors and describe your economic moat.


List your founders, key management and advisors.


Show your projections for revenue, profits and key operating metrics.Indicate when you expect to turn cash flow positive. Explain your underlying assumptions.


Describe prior funding, how much money you’re raising, your valuation expectations, use of proceeds, any future rounds of financing anticipated, as well as your exit strategy.