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Buddy launches new platform for managing sensor data

Buddy, the Seattle-based provider of backend services for connected devices, launched a new platform for hosting and managing data generated by internet-connected devices. Read the GeekWire article.

Vics develops helmet to reduce concussions in contact sports

Vicis is a University of Washington spinout that has developed an innovative helmet designed to mitigate the forces that are thought to cause concussions on the football field and in other contact sports. Read the Geekwire article.

SkyCast Solutions wins new customer

Sun Country Airlines will offer Skycast Solutions’ portable in-flight entertainment systems on its long-haul routes. Read the blog post.

Online wellness startup Limeade raises $25M

Limeade has raised $25 million from a New York venture capital firm that will help the Bellevue startup fuel its platform that creates incentive-based wellness plans for businesses. Read the GeekWire article.

Fanzo raises $550K to help sports fans find the best news, social media content

Fanzo, the Kirkland-based startup that helps sports fans keep up with the latest news, has raised another $550,000 to help fuel development of its app. Read the GeekWire article.