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3 ways to meet startup investors

What are some ways for entrepreneurs to meet startup investors? Read the GeekWire article.

Vicis raises another $1.5M for high-tech football helmet that reduces brain trauma

Vicis has raised another $1.5M to help fuel development of its innovative helmet designed to mitigate the forces that are thought to cause concussions on the football field and in other contact sports. Read the GeekWire article.

Record360 raises $1.5M for an app that will help you prove you didn’t dent that rental car

Seattle startup Record360 has raised about $1.5 million as the company builds a mobile app to let you document the condition of things like rental cars at the time of exchange. Read the GeekWire article.

Leanplum Raises $11.6M Series B Round Led By Kleiner Perkins

Leanplum, a service that helps developers and marketers engage with mobile users through personalized messages, dynamic UI optimization and A/B testing services, today announced that it has raised a $11.6 million Series B round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Read the TechCrunch article.

Seattle e-commerce beauty company Julep raises another $5M

Julep, the Seattle e-commerce beauty company that has attracted backing from celebrities Will Smith and Jay-Z, has raised another $5 million. Read the PSBJ article.