AoA about

Connecting Entrepreneurs and Angels in the Pacific Northwest

The Alliance of Angels is one of the largest and most active angel groups in the Pacific Northwest. We have invested more than $100M into 200 companies since our inception in 1997 and celebrated more than 30 exits.  Each year, we typically invest about $10M into 20 companies across hardware, information technology, life sciences and consumer.

More than Checks

Most of us are seasoned entrepreneurs or senior business executives from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and  McCaw. We provide a network of relationships and a wealth of experience in building and growing companies.

High Velocity

We know entrepreneurs are busy, and that raising capital one angel at a time is a little like herding cats. We connect the best entrepreneurs with 120+ angels at once.

Active Investors

Nearly every one of us has written a check in the last 2 years. We’re not a wine tour operator or social club in disguise. We’re here to invest in and partner with great entrepreneurs. Meet some of our members.